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Fresh Android Apps for June 28: Ourcast, Viggle, Klip Video Sharing

Jun 27, 2012

In today’s Fresh Apps selection, we kick things off with crowd-sourced weather offering, Ourcast which offers short-term forecasts for your immediate vicinity so you can plan activities with aplomb. We’ve also got Viggle, an app thats already a success on iOS and offers you rewards and gifts simply for watching and interacting with various TV shows. Finally, Klip Video Sharing offers a simple and effective way to share video directly from your device with friends (or strangers) everywhere. And if you missed em, Socialcam it’s a video-sharing app which offers plenty of social discovery features.

Klips are short videos that are fun to preview and quick to watch. You can capture and store videos of any length on your Android device and enjoy unlimited uploads for free. It’s easy to share videos on Klip or on your favorite social network, and rather like Instagram, the emphasis is on finding new people to follow or being followed by other users who enjoy your creations.

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