Fresh Android Apps for June 20: Robin, Nexercise, Atmo

Jun 19, 2012

Getting a bit of publicity this week is new Android voice assistant, Robin. Despite the inevitable comparisons to Siri on iOS, Robin actually offers a lot of handy features, especially while driving. Also new is Nexercise, which offers an exciting way to get motivated, lose weight and stay in shape. In games, check out Atmo, a real-time multiplayer space combat title which just got out of beta, and offers plenty of challenging 3-D gameplay

Atmo is a real-time multiplayer space combat title which plays a bit like “capture the flag” style games. You team up with a colleague and have to destroy opponents’ capsules, find their flag and return it to your goal. At the same time, you’ll need to defend your own flag and destroy your enemies should they attempt to make off with your flag.

Atmo looks like a fun and challenging game with nice 3-D graphics. It emerged out of beta only recently, so expect future enhancements and improvements down the line. For now, it’s free and definitely worth a look.

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Marty Gabel

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