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Fresh Android Apps for June 19: Zombies, Run!, MiHome Launcher, Highway Rider

Jun 18, 2012

In today’s Fresh Apps, discover a new way to keep fit and avoid the zombie apocalypse at the same time. Zombies, Run! is a unique app that turns your regular fitness routine into a fun game. Also, we have MiHome Launcher, which gives non-rooted users the clean, crisp look and feel of the MIUI Android ROM. Finally, we’ve got Highway Rider, an adrenaline-infused motorbike racing game where riding fast and dangerously is positively encouraged.

Sometimes, the simplest games are the most fun, and if you’re looking for some addictive, high-octane motorbike action, check out Highway Rider. Don your crash helmet and get on your bike, then zoom down the open highway complete with nitrous canisters strapped to your ride for a little extra boost.

At first, there are only a few trucks and cars to pass, and the closer you drive to them, the bigger the points you score. As you drive farther, more and more vehicles need to be avoided and you’ll be weaving in and out of the lanes at ever-increasing speeds. Customize your rider with different colored outfits and collect gruesome photos of your majestic bone-crunching crashes when you fall.

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