Fresh Android Apps for June 15: Amazon Mobile update & Temple Run: Brave | Android Apps

Fresh Android Apps for June 15: Amazon Mobile update & Temple Run: Brave

Jun 15, 2012

The weekend is for shopping and fun, right? Now you can get your share of both with today’s week-ending Fresh Apps. Amazon Mobile saw a big update that makes the app both visually appealing and more functional. Meanwhile, a Disney-inspired version of Temple Run hit mobile devices, which should keep you busy all weekend long as you quest for the highest score.

Temple Run is a tie-in with the new Disney feature, Brave. It’s essentially a re-skin of the original but adds a few new features here and there plus a nice visual refresh.

Using familiar swipe-based controls, you’ll run, jump and slide your way through the wilds of Scotland, escaping from Mordu, the demon bear. Along the way, you’ll pick up coins which will let you purchase power-ups and enhancements. Temple Run: Brave introduces archery this time round – shooting a target will earn extra coins.

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