Fresh Android Apps for June 14: U.S. Open Golf Championship, Max Payne, Songbird update

Jun 13, 2012

We’ve got a very handy Fresh App for golf fans today as the U.S. Open Golf Championship gets underway. Meanwhile, gamers will want to get their hands on Max Payne Mobile and relive this classic first-person action adventure that started the whole ‘bullet-time’ phenomenon. Finally, music lovers should check out the recent overhaul to Songbird. More than just a music player now, it adds personalized sharing and discovery features.

Spotify app. Though it has received less fanfare, the already-popular Songbird app on Android also just got a big update that’s worth mentioning.

With a new pink icon and grey/pink color scheme, the app now focuses a lot more on music discovery. Songbird will keep track of which songs you play and use the play counts to better recommend music to you on the web site. Songbird is keen to stress that their recommendations are truly based around what you already like or own, plus it’s really easy to share your favorites with friends.

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