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Fresh Android Apps for June 13: Songkick Concerts, Virus Total, Spotify update

Jun 12, 2012

In a musically-themed Fresh Apps, never miss your favorite artist when they come to town with the handy Songkick Concerts app. Also, we’ve got VirusTotal which can ensure your phone stays free of viruses, trojans and malware. Finally, we’re back to the music with a complete overhaul to the already-popular Spotify app.

A lot of updates merely fix bugs or increase functionality, but Spotify’s update, which hit the Google Play store just yesterday, offers a complete visual overhaul of the popular streaming music app and a huge number of new features. It was in beta since April, but now every Spotify user can enjoy all the spoils.

Spotify now sports a faster interface, support for Android 4.0, high-res artist images, and other enhancements like a playback queue, folder support to organize playlists, and a home screen widget for easy access to what’s playing. The app now functions a lot more like its desktop counterpart with gapless playback, crossfading and the ability to stream at a sparkling 320kbps.

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