Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 27: Latify, PADI, Social Secrets

Jan 27, 2011

Two of today’s fresh apps seek to improve on existing services. Latify attempts build a better Google Lattitude and Social Secrets allows you to use Facebook’s powerful communication but make it more private. Finally, the PADI app let’s you locate SCUBA dive shops. Yeah, it’s winter, but we can dream.

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are so public! These popular services are becoming the standard for personal communication but unless you use the one-to-one message options, you are sharing your messages for others with everyone.

Enter Social Secrets. This app lets you scramble your messages so that they can’t be read by anyone but the recipients you want. There are two levels of scramble – one where the receiver just has to cut and paste the scrambled message into the app to see the decoding, and one which uses a shared key to make it even more secure.

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