Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 21: Reader, Surf Canyon, HD Sleuth

Jan 21, 2011
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Big companies continue to drop new apps into the Market. Yesterday, it was MasterCard, today Sony. Check out their Reader app for Android that lets you bring your Sony Reader e-books on the road. Also, just when you began to think there was nothing new in search, the fresh Surf Canyon app hits the shore to deliver a new kind of search results. Finally, HD Sleuth aims to troubleshoot your home audio-visual problems.

How many times have you called the cable guy or the HD TV “geek squad” to fix some audio-visual issue in your house? Next time, before you call, try the HD Sleuth app. The main menu asks the straightforward questions – No video? No Audio? Audio/Video Intermittent? Then it gives you a series of yes/no questions – some of which ask you to try something to address the problem. Impress your friends by telling them you fixed your own flat screen problem.

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Ian Black


Ian Black is beginning to think his phone is smarter than he is. He's keeping a close eye on it in case it tries anything funny.


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