Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 19: The Martial Directory, The Target Trainer, TI-85

Jan 19, 2011

I’m a ninja with the fresh apps. I emerge from the shadows with the latest, coolest Android apps. I might appear at any time, when you least expect it – but it’s usually in the mornings, Monday through Friday, right here at

I could tell you how I find the fresh apps, but then I’d have to kill you. If you want to learn my skills, you can start by training in self-defense techniques like those found in The Martial Directory and The Target Trainer fresh apps below. You’ll also need to study engineering and use TI-85 calculator simulator app from today’s list. Don’t ask why or I’ll have to throw my Shuriken app at you.

Sure you can download simple calculator apps. But, until now, nothing has matched the power and flexibility of the original Texas Instruments calculators of the last century. TI-85 delivers all the functionality of the original engineering calculator. Use it for engineering formulas and graphing functions, perform bit manipulation and convert between numeric bases, or write a program in the TI-BASIC language.

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