Fresh Android Apps for Feb. 28: Oscars Trivia, Hiking Diary, Eye Color Booth Pro

Feb 28, 2011

Spring is only three weeks away! On today’s fresh app list, Oscars Trivia keeps you buzzing about the big show, Hiking Diary preares you for spring hikes, and Eye Color Booth Pro turns your photos into eye-popping wonders.

Eye Color Booth Pro ($2.99)

You’ve seen photo editor apps before. You probably have a red eye remover feature on your digital camera, too. But, you probably have never seen anything like this.

Eye Color Booth Pro lets you turn eyes into otherworldly orbs with names like “Halo,” “Beast” and “Vortex.” Turn your friends and family into alien visitors or creatures from the deep jungle. Change the overall image color to suit the new eye color, or to black-and-white to make the usual eyes pop.

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