Fresh Android Apps for Feb. 22: Mosquito Repellent Sonic HD, Arel Wars, Airport City

Feb 22, 2012
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No, it’s not too early to think about Spring. Plan ahead for better weather with Mosquito Repellent Sonic HD. For fun, download Arel Wars, a fantasy strategy game, and Airport City, for your next virtual career.

The you-build-it game genre just leveled up. Sure, you did your time launching small farms and perhaps even running an organized crime syndicate but that’s nothing compared to building and operating an international airport.

Take flight with the nuts and bolts of air travel from the ticket takers, to the luggage transport systems, from people mover planning, to the jet fleet. Once you get the planes arrivals and departures on time, try building the surrounding city to support all the travel and workforce your new hub requires.

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Ian Black


Ian Black is beginning to think his phone is smarter than he is. He's keeping a close eye on it in case it tries anything funny.


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