Fresh Android Apps for Dec. 7: Kodak Document Print, Nordstrom, Brothers in Arms 2, Santa’s Village

Dec 7, 2011

Toss your laptop in the trash. You don’t need it anymore. Now your Android device can print office docs wirelessly with Kodak Document Print App. On second thought, just put your laptop aside. I started to imagine all the angry comments.

For holiday shopping on the go, try the Nordstrom app. And, for fun, download Brothers in Arms 2 and Santa’s Village.

Feel Santa’s pain. Every year you just wait for the gifts to arrive while curled up in your Snuggie, never imagining the amount of work the man goes through.

You’ve built farms, mob gangs and a bunch of other large-scale projects, now put all that experience to good use and create Santa’s Village. You’ll need a toy factory, homes for the elves and many other buildings. Then, dive into the details of teaching reindeer to fly and negotiating a truce with neighbors like Yobo the Yeti.

Zoom around in 3-D to view what you’ve made and learn more about Santa’s thankless job, underpaid workforce and harsh working conditions through the comic book that unfolds as you progress. Fun for all ages.

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