Fresh Android Apps for Dec. 21: Shell Station Locator, Recipe Box

Dec 21, 2010

Today’s Fresh Android apps features a way to track down the nearest gas station and the ability to keep all of your secret family recipes in a safe place.

This is the digital version of your grandma’s old-fashioned recipe box. Recipe Box is an app that makes adding and saving recipes easy. Because the app is essentially a database of as many recipes as you can physically add, you are able to easily search and sort recipes. You can also add images to accompany some of your favorites. In my opinion, it’s a bit of a step up from that ancient box filled with yellowed and tattered note cards. To store, back up or share your favorite recipes online, you can easily sync them up with You can also create your own shopping lists and add recipe ingredients to a shopping cart.

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Caitlin M. Foyt

Caitlin M. Foyt is another young journalist chasing after her dreams. She wishes it was physically possible to document everything she saw, heard, felt or thought -- kind of like a more neurotic Harriet the Spy.

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