Fresh Android Apps for Dec. 2: Breathe Freely!, Inertia: Escape Velocity, NVIDIA Glowball

Dec 2, 2011

Start living your life smoke free by using Breathe Freely! LITE. Then, play all weekend long with Inertia: Escape Velocity and NVIDIA Glowball.

Do you really need a high-end NVIDIA Tegra 3-based Android device? After playing this demo game from NVIDIA, you’ll answer in the affirmative. Currently, the game features only a carnival level but the description says it will be updated soon with an additional sea floor level.

The gameplay itself sounds fairly simple – in the carnival, you must trigger the jack-in-the-boxes in the proper order by tilting the ball around the course in order to gain access to the escape hatch.

But really, the point of the demo is the mind-blowing graphics that the Tegra 3 chip provides. Your jaw will drop at the realistic light reflection and refraction, mist, fog and other special effects.

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