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Fresh Android Apps for Aug. 1: Pictarine, Spotify update, Iron Crusade

Jul 31, 2012

Today’s Fresh Apps selection is led by Pictarine which lets you browse the photos your friends post on various social networks all in a single app. Next up is a big update to Spotify which opens it up to non-subscribers who can access its streaming music radio features. In the gaming world, we’ve got Iron Crusade, an old-school turn-based action title with neat retro graphics and plenty of challenge.

Iron Crusade is turn-based action game. It definitely has an ‘old-school’ vibe right down to its classic style 8-bit graphics and sound effects. You’ll be joining the imperial tank squad and conquering planet after planet to expand the empire.

The world is fully destructible and you’ll need your strategy cap on to succeed and defeat well-armored enemy tanks. There are 22 tricky levels to plow through with 15 achievements available. Expect realistic physics and upgradeable weapons plus tough bosses on each planet.

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