Fresh Android Apps for Apr. 27: QuickOffice Pro update, Dark Meadow, Pocket Academy

Apr 26, 2012

Leave your office immediately! The QuickOffice Pro update described below lets you take your work on the road.

For fun, try the blood-curdling Dark Meadow: The Pact or the light-hearted and fluffy Pocket Academy.

Pocket Academy ($4.99)

Forget about enrolling your kids in a charter school; start a school of your very own with this academic version of the popular you-build-it game genre. First, set about the construction of the building and classrooms, then plan out courses, athletic events, art shows, proms, and everything you loved (or hated) about your own school career.

The better your school, the more students will enroll or transfer in. The more students, the more money for expansion and customization. Will the students go on to to college? Will they receive good job offers? Who will become the next “hot couple”? The school you create will help form their fate!

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