Fresh Android Apps for Apr. 26: LimoTab, Minecraft update, Birdman Rally, Zombies Wave

Apr 25, 2012

Today’s fresh app includes a ticket to ride with LimoTab – Airport Greeter Sign. From there, it’s games aplenty with an update to Minecraft – Pocket Edition, the high-flying Birdman Rally, and the creepy Zombies Wave.

Zombies Wave (Free)

This is everyone’s nightmare. You’re trapped in your house during a zombie invasion. You don’t have any real weapons, only household items that you can drag and throw at the zombies (helpful hint: the longer you drag something, the further you can throw it). Grab anything you can get your hands on including toys, the refrigerator, perhaps even the kitchen sink.

Be strategic to stay alive as long as you can. Take out the zombies armed with guns first as they will be the most dangerous and watch out for flying zombies who can sneak past if you aren’t looking.

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