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Jan 3, 2011
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I like to play some games on my android phone but I don’t want anything too in depth that I wouldn’t be able to pay attention to anything around me. These games are great for the bus stop, while you’re waiting for someone taking a call, or even just a short commercial break. I hope you enjoy.

Free Running

A new app that i downloaded today, It gets repetitive but because of that you don’t have to think too much while using it. Two buttons control your character, letting him jump or roll around obstacles.


Fruit Ninja Kaka Demo

Exciting game that lets you play against time or against bombs. Its great to check out and gets very addicting.


Paper Toss

Quick game that lets you compete against your own record of baskets in a row. It gets difficult on the harder levels but the easy ones are good for playing with a few minutes to spare.



I downloaded this game after seeing other reviews of it and I enjoy the arcade type game that uses your phone’s position sensor. It allows for multiple difficulties which gives you a bit of a challenge.


Tetris STC

This game came pre-installed on my Samsung Fascinate and it is good for a short or longer game. Exactly like the traditional tetris you would expect.


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