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Free Android apps for Black Friday shoppers

Nov 13, 2012

This list of Black Friday Android apps is one of the easiest roundups I’ve compiled in a while, because there are many resourceful apps dedicated to the post-Thanksgiving shopping ritual. A holiday all its own, Black Friday requires a bit of planning, plenty of product research, and a dollop of patience. As retailers hope to unload as much inventory as possible to kickstart the holiday shopping season, it’s the app-savvy consumers that come out as winners. These Android apps will save you time, money and sanity come Black Friday.



Zaarly is a local marketplace that operates similarly to Craigslist, and it may seem out of place on this list of deal-centric apps. But this service-driven marketplace app could be ideal for finding someone to help you manage the Black Friday rush. Zaarly’s written a how-to guide for ideas on using its marketplace to hack Black Friday, which helped the app gain popularity last year. Whether you need seasonal workers to hand out fliers or a stand-in for long lines, Zaarly might be a good place to start.

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