For Those Who Wordplay

Oct 20, 2010
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Use your Droid to strengthen your word power. Here are a few to get you started.


Scrabble for the Droid. Enjoy the great interface, playing with friends remotely anywhere in the world or random players the game finds for you. Includes notifications, customizable player icon, integration with your contacts and a super-easy and playable interface. $3 clobbers the ads in the FREE version forever. Or go ahead and install the non-FREE version and pay $3 to get your license code to support the developer of this great app



Race the clock to find words in a Boggle-style grid of letters. Greaet thinking game and one of the best and easiest to use interfaces of any Droid app. Great to improve your Scrabble/Wordfeud skills!


A great and full-featured version of one of the best online dictionaries made. The small interface provides everything you need without the garbage you don’t.


A Word A Day

The triple-wide banner-style widget shows the word of the day with pronunciation and definition. Tap the widget for full details. Auto-updates daily.


Quickpedia v1.07

Get the next best thing to Wikipedia right on your mobile. Optimized for the small screen which makes it a big hit for the Droid.


Letter Rip!

Think WordUp! is too easy? Let this app challenge you at a faster pace with a dynamically changing playing field. There’s not a moment to lose trying to form words in this challenging Letter and Word game.


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