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Mar 2, 2011
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Who doesn’t love traveling? Here are apps that will make your planning easier

American Airlines

This app is just like their website but with one perk. You can view your reservations and check in, Check flights Schedules, Check Flight Statuses, Book Flights and do the AAdvantage Enrollment. Now, here is the something extra. You can play American Airlines Sudoku. Yes. It’s exactly how it sounds.

 Download Hotel Reservations

Pick your current location or the place you want to go to, select the date you want you’d like along with the number of nights and guests and you will have all your pricing and hotel options in front of. You get a nice need to know detailed description.


Continental Airlines

This app let’s you can easily book a flight, check in, check flight status’, see airport maps (how awesome is that!), use a mobile boarding pass (yay for saving paper), check reservations and other notifications. In addition to all your run of the mill information, click on ‘more’ and you can have access to contact Continental, use a currency Converter, view their tweets among seeing many other cool things.


Kayak planner

View hotels and make reservations, find the best flights, red a car, view where things are in airports and check your flight status is are a few features on the Kayak app. You also can view how much you are paying for your baggage, set up your own Kayak widget and if you are still unsure what kayak is about after looking through the app, click on ‘about’ and read all about it!


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