FlightTrack Android app flies past its competitors

Aug 30, 2010
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Whether you travel extensively, have family and friends who fly often, or you just need to track flight information, FlightTrack is a must-have app for your DROID.

Using the app is straightforward. Just add one or more planes to track by inputting their flight number or route. Basic flight information appears, along with status updates, weather information related to both the incoming and outgoing airport and any pertinent delays.

FlightTrack really shines when you tap the Map tab. Overlay satellite imagery from Google Maps will display each plane’s current position and flight path.

The menu allows you to refresh all the data instantly, and even post the information to your Facebook Wall or Twitter stream. Now everyone in your family can see when grandma and grandpa are getting into town for the holidays! Plus, you can add a widget to your home screen to see real-time flight data without launching the app.

The app also makes is easy to find alternate routes and flights if you’re having difficulties. This can save time at the airport as you’re waiting in line to rebook a flight because of bad weather or other circumstances. This feature alone makes the $4.99 price tag look absolutely tiny compared with its usefulness.

Grab FlightTrack before you set off on your holiday travels this year, and you’ll see why DROID does.

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