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First aid-related apps for Android users

Oct 22, 2012

As a Boy Scout you learn to be prepared and how to administer first aid, among other things. Over the years some of my first aid skills have gotten a bit rusty. I have taken a number of refresher courses, but knowing that I have a first aid refresher or reference manual in my pocket is awesome. You will find a number of first aid resources online and many for Android devices. Today’s post looks at some of the first aid apps available to download.

This app is from, whose mission is “Help The World Make Better Healthcare Decisions.” This app has nine menu items and covers a large variety of areas. As with the other apps, you can set up your profile, where you can input insurance and medical records. There are also sections where you can search for a local doctor or medical facilities. The app has a section where you can set up various medical hotlines and view a general health news feed.

The main sections of the app are the Symptoms, Conditions, Medications, and Procedures. In the Symptoms section you can indicate where on the body the pain or problem is located. The Conditions section has a huge alphabetical listing of medical conditions, while the Medications section lists medicines alphabetically. When you choose a symptom, medication or condition a new window will open up with a ton of information, links, videos and more on the subject. There is probably more information on the topic that you will ever need. Overall, a very thorough app.

No one really knows how well they will react in an emergency situation, but training and preparation can definitely help. These first aid apps for your Android phone could provide you with the information you need at a critical time.

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