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Facebook Home leads Android Apps of the Week

Apr 18, 2013

Facebook is back with a brand new app, and they’re after your free time. Facebook Home is its name, and replacing your current phone’s home screen is its game. We’ve also got a cool way to share videos in Cinemagram, an upstanding new photo editor, a way to record your phone calls as MP3s, and even an app to help us all sleep better through the magic that is science. Here are the top Android apps of the week!

Facebook Home (Free)

The latest bombardment in Facebook’s ongoing war against all productivity in the world comes in the form of this brand new launcher. This official Facebook launcher turns your home screen into a news feeding, status updating, and friend messaging machine. Facecbook Home is pretty basic, a bit clunky, and makes it harder to reach non-Facebook or social media related apps, but it’s a decent start for any Facebook lover. Most people will probably be OK with just launching the apps normally, myself included. Don’t pay too much attention to the Google Play review score, though. This doesn’t deserve nearly all the one star ratings it’s gotten, even if it does need a lot of improvement.

Cinemagram (Free)

Speaking of social media apps that need some improving, the popular iOS app Cinemagram has finally made its way over to Android. This creative little app makes it easy as pie to share short, short videos or GIFS with your friends and family, with the ability to add some fun effects while you’re at it. Anything from a sunset to a rainbow to horrible weather and traffic can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. I can’t really see a great many moments being adequately captured in about four seconds, but I probably lack imagination. The initial release is a bit buggy, and lacking in the device compatibility department, but this is a great app all the same.

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MP3 InCall Recorder & Voice (Free)

This next app from GrinZone is super practical above all else. It lets you record any phone call you have and save it as an MP3 for future reference. Just imagine the possibilities. You can refresh yourself on business related conversations, record a phone interview as a journalist, or more likely, make a record of every single wrong thing your significant other ever says like it’s the Cold War and you’re stocking up on nukes. It isn’t perfect on every device, but the developers are always patching and fixing things up, and there are plenty of features to make it easy to manage all your recorded calls.

Fotor – Photo Effect Studio (Free)

After some success on the iOS front, Everimaging Co. have brought the Fotor camera app and now this Fotor editing app to Android, tossing their hat in with the bevy of other available photography and editing apps on Google Play. Even though you probably already have an image editor or two that you prefer, you should definitely check this fully featured app out. It boasts around 60 effects, plus one-touch enhancements, cropping, borders/frames, and plenty of social network sharing to help show off your mad skills. This is a solid addition to the collection of any serious Android photographer.

Twilight (Free)

Twilight is a simple but useful app designed by people far more intelligent than myself. I won’t bastardize the science stuff too badly, but essentially, this is a light filter app for helping you get to sleep. It’s been shown that certain portions of the light spectrum, mainly blue, can mess with your circadian rhythms and interfere with sleep cycles. This is why you might have trouble falling asleep right after sitting at a computer or using your phone or tablet in bed. The app tinges everything red, and looks a bit odd, but it’s been reported to be effective by hundreds. As Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman would say… “Yeah Science!”

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