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Evzdrop leads Android Apps of the Week

Feb 7, 2013

This week, like the last, is led by very impressive and innovative takes on social networking. Evzdrop is a cool new network that helps you keep track of interesting going-ons in your area. We’ve also got a ludicrously useful data sync/backup app, a tablet-only financial planner, an outstandingly realistic sketch-pad app, and the official app for the MoviePass subscription service. Here are the top Android apps for the first week of February.

Evzdrop (Free)

Evzdrop is an interesting new social networking app that’s seen some success on the iOS front, and is now looking to make a splash on Android. Essentially it lets you “listen” or “eavesdrop” on the collective conversation of various locations. By that, I mean that posts or “drops” are location specific, based on various restaurants, stadiums, or other entertainment venues. Anyone in the area can post about the goings-on of that area, and you can easily see what places are trending or where something interesting is happening, like if a celebrity shows up at a certain restaurant or a dancing flash mob starts somewhere. For the many groups of friends who can’t decide on a place to hang out, this app is a godsend.

Carbon – App Sync and Backup (Free)

We’ve all had that same dreadful moment of realizing we’ve lost an important document or game save due to not properly backing up our data. It’s a harsh lesson most of us have learned on our computers, but what about smartphones? Well, you can avoid such wide-eyed, terror-filled moments thanks to Carbon, which lets you transfer data among device or store everything in that magical cloud you’re always hearing about. It makes data management far less painful than it otherwise would be, especially when it comes to moving apps and files to a new device. Definitely give this a download. It’s free and everyone can find it useful.

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Planwise (Free)

There have been a surprising number of financial planning apps released in recent weeks, and that trend continues with Planwise. It’s a planner optimized only for tablets that tracks spending via charts, graphs, and the like. You can keep track of your bank account reserves and easily plan for big purchases or vacations, chipping away at your debt, or manage a change of employment status. There are plenty of alternatives to this app, but it’s fairly well done and worth a look. If you have a tablet, it would very wise to add downloading this app to your plan for the day.

Sketch O Paint ($0.99)

This is an excellent new drawing app that focuses on black and white or line drawings. There are plenty of brushes and tools, but most impressive are the highly realistic, pressure sensitive brush strokes that add the tactile sense of painting or sketching. Of course, you can save images to your gallery and later share them with the world. You can do some impressive works with this app, and while it’s still a bit rough around the edges, it’s great for any aspiring artist or parent that wants to keep their child busy while also nurturing their right-brain development.

MoviePass (Free)

For those of you who don’t know, MoviePass is an ongoing theatrical movie subscription service that lets subscribers see unlimited movies (where passes are accepted) for a nominal monthly fee. The app also lets you track down movies, check showtimes, mark shows for future trips to the theater, and even check out your history of cinema viewings. It’s a very cool service, but unfortunately this app is very barebones and kind of lazy, which is why it’s at the tail end of this week’s list. You could just keep the MoviePass website open in a browser tab for pretty much the same functionality.

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