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Eat healthy with these free Android apps

Oct 4, 2011

Eating healthy is a little easier these days. The bread aisle has more than one type of wheat bread on its shelves, and chains like Whole Foods delivers organic and natural groceries across the nation. And things only get better with Android devices. There’s a wealth of apps to keep you healthy, smart and savvy, saving you a few pounds and a few dollars along the way.

Another color-coded system to help you manage and identify the right foods while shopping is Smart Foods-Organic Diet Buddy. It marks foods according to the precautions you’ll need to take: red indicates foods you should buy organic, yellow means use caution, and green highlights safe items (think things with a harder skin or require cooking). Click on any food to get additional details, like nutrition facts, prep needs and common pesticides. To sweeten the deal, this free Android app also comes with a local farmers’ market finder so you can support your community and stay healthy too.

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