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Dropbox update lets you automatically upload photos, video

Feb 24, 2012

Dropbox has some brand new features for Android users, allowing them to upload photos and videos to the service without even stopping to think about it.

Added in the app’s latest update, the feature lets users set Dropbox to automatically load up photos and videos snapped on their devices to the cloud, whether on a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. That’s one of the uses the mobile app touts when users go to download it in the Android Market: you can keep your device’s hard drive clear by sending your photos and videos to the cloud. The new feature makes that process automatic.

It’s a pretty handy thing for users who are making smartphone photography and videography a larger part of their lives. With the prevalence of photography apps that make Android phones more and more powerful as a means of capturing images and video, Dropbox’s upgrade means never having to worry that you won’t be able to catch that perfect moment because you’ve got nowhere to keep it.

With the update and the photo uploading features, Dropbox has removed any limit on file size, so no matter how big your photos or videos end up being, they can still be uploaded automatically. Dropbox dishes out as much as 3GB of free space for mobile uploads as well, so it’s not easy to fill it up right away.

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that lets users access documents and files from anywhere with an Internet connection, including mobile devices, thanks to the company’s various mobile apps. Dropbox users can opt to pay a monthly subscription to gain more space. The service also allows users to share a Dropbox account among multiple people, which makes it handy for collaborating. With the new camera upload feature, that means you can instantly share photos with others.

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The Android update to Dropbox is already available, with updates to Apple’s iOS version and the Windows and Mac versions to come sometime later. With the growing prevalence of mobile photography, Dropbox’s new camera-friendly feature should be a handy one for Android users.

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