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Droid Odyssey Android game more than just a Mario twin

Dec 28, 2010

Don’t let the stone pillars, ever-moving platforms and coin-like pickups fool you. Droid Odyssey is much more than a port of Mario Brothers. This game (currently in beta/testing) offers a familiar platformer experience, but adds a series of increasingly difficult physics-based puzzles to solve.

Thankfully, the small (some would say cute) robot you’re guiding through each level of play is packing a tractor beam. You’ll employ it to place items in specific spots in order to move from level to level.

As things progress, you’ll notice a definite up-tick in difficulty, and will come to rely on your robot’s small booster pack to float rather than jump between obstacles and platforms.

Here’s hoping a full version comes online early in 2011 so we can enjoy additional levels, added features and improved level design.

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