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Droid Comic Viewer is an e-reader that goes the distance

Jan 19, 2011

Comic book fans will do just about anything to take their favorite titles with them on the road. Download our new Android app!

If you’re on the hunt for fresh content, the app provides a direct link to the marketplace, auto-displaying a long list of supported content files from Robot Comics, most of which are available free of charge or for 99 cents each. Just tap an entry, download it to your phone, and the app does the rest.

The icing on the cake: sharing. With one click, the app allows you to share the current screen with all major social media outlets, email and more.

Be sure to conduct some Google searches for your favorite comics, and include CBZ/ZIP, ACV and CBR/RAR in your search terms. The Internet is home to dozens of message boards and other sites that allow you to download back issues directly to your computer. Moving them onto your phone is a snap using a USB cable. Enjoy!

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