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Do no pass on Grocery IQ for Android

Aug 31, 2010

If you’re looking for an app to help you grocery shop, save money, and do it all in less time, Grocery IQ has you covered.

Put away your pen and pad, and pick up your DROID; you can build a new shopping list by speaking aloud (voice recognition), scanning a barcode, or using predictive search via a keyboard.

Easily tag specific items to appear in your Favorites list, then grab coupons delivered right to your handset. The first cashier I handed the phone to was a little perplexed, the beep didn’t lie. Saved $2.25 on my last trip alone, and impressed my wife to boot. With more than 100 coupons currently online, you can’t go wrong.

On top of it all, if your local chain store is listed, the app can help plan your shopping route ahead of time. Navigating the store has never been easier, saving you time as well as money. Although you can’t create a new list via the web (which I hope is in the works), you can share your list between DROIDs and email them to anyone you wish.

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