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Destroy monsters in Doodle Dash Android game

Dec 22, 2010

Do the doodle dash to destroy mummies, vampires, ninjas and more. The free Doodle Dash arcade and action game app for Android is simple and intuitive to use. You dash through the arcade game as Doodle, a brave warrior, to eradicate the bad guys that appear in the form of things like mummies and ninjas, while you collect weapons and life in search of a high score.

Play in normal or easy mode. The multi-touch function makes the game very easy to play in either mode.

I enjoyed the different doodled backgrounds as I made a mad dash through the game. On that note, the game is similar to Mad Chad for iPhone. I also liked the features on the home screen of the game that tell you how far you ran and how many bad guys you killed. If you despise the recent up-tick of vampires in pop culture, you’ll love embodying Doodle on your Android phone and eliminating vampires for the good of the game. And with the bad-guys-killed counter, you can brag to your friends.

If you love the game, upgrade to the full version, Doodle Dash Pro in the Android marketplace.

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