Deep dungeon crawler Oubliette is a must-play for serious Android gamers

Feb 16, 2011

As a teenager, Dungeons & Dragons was definitely a fun time-sink for my friends and me. We’d spend hours planning, then running dungeon crawls, which ended in our untimely deaths more often than not. But with our heads held high, we’d roll new characters and figure out how to work our away around the monsters, traps and other obstacles that stood in our way.

If you’re an Android owners with a serious sweet tooth for deep, multi-hour, multiplayer dungeon exploration that requires the same level of commitment to research, character creation and multiple raids to tackle each location, then Download our updated Android app!

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Tim McLain

Tim McLain is a freelance writer and an online marketing manager, helping serious researchers and students find and make use of the best online content found on the deep Web. His passion for all things computers/tech started when he was a teenager, working with his twin brother to set up a C64 BBS in their bedroom.

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