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Dead Space tops Android Games of the Week

Dec 18, 2011

What a knockout week for Android gaming. The past few days brought a few major launches from EA, Rockstar and Sega. EA released Dead Space and Plants vs. Zombies (via PopCap) to the Android Market, titles that were initially exclusive to the Xperia PLAY and Amazon Appstore. They threw in a bonus with Monopoly, too. Grand Theft Auto III is now a mobile game, boosting its cache for the small screen. SEGA is also swooning for Android, pushing out Sonic CD as its latest mobile conversion, while Microsoft’s taking a similar approach to preservation with a mobile companion for Halo.

Halo Waypoint (Free)

If you’re serious about your Halo play, this companion app is a must-have. Halo Waypoint helps you manage your career progress, complete with Halo: Reach stats, game history, your entire team’s campaign progress, and the full breakdown of your weapon and enemy stats. The idea is to use the app during Halo battles for viewing multiplayer and firefight maps in real time, and scouting locations for weapons and vehicles. You can also start a custom challenge right from the app, inviting friends to join along. As with SEGA and EA, Microsoft is taking advantage of the Android Market for their mobile game strategy.

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