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Cut the Rope: Experiments debuts new ways to slice

Mar 27, 2012

Ropes, water, pulleys and suction cups – no, I’m not talking about an alley on Greenwich Village in NYC. It’s the long awaited sequel to the popular game Angry Birds, the premise of Cut the Rope: Experiments is simple: Cut the candy-attached rope into an adorable monster called On Nom (who suspiciously remains cavity-free). As you progress further into the game new additions (or obstacles depending on your school of thought) such as bubbles and air cushions turn the game into mind-numbing puzzles, and perfectly-timed tap executions. Players can also collect stars that litter the stage for higher level ratings. While star-collecting is optional, you won’t get the same feeling of accomplishment until you collect all three. Zepto Lab further pokes at gamers by limiting the time the stars appear in the stage, making it a mad dash to stuff the candy into the critter’s mouth. Familiarize yourself with the location of the restart button.

Cut the Rope: Experiments adds a new layer of challenge by adding new tools such as suction cups, water and rope guns. While the introduction of new ways to manipulate the direction of the candy, you’ll quickly become familiar with them quite quickly. My favorite are the suctions cups, allowing you to control the elevation of the ropes. Tap once to descend, tap another to stop; timing is key.

At $0.99 it’s fairly difficult to argue about Cut the Rope: Experiment’s lack of added features. Sure, it looks and plays exactly as it’s predecessor, but with the addition of new tools, a mind-tearing 200 challenging levels, and the wide-eyed On Nom, how can you say no?

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