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Create a dining experience with Restaurant Story Android game

Jan 4, 2011

The restaurant business seems glamorous to everyone except those who work in it. A new game, Restaurant Story for Android, gives you a little taste of what it takes to run a successful restaurant. And, it’s no picnic, but if you like Facebook-style games, you’ll eat this one up.

You’re dropped into the shell of a restaurant, which you get to name. You start off with a couple of tables, chairs, two stoves and a hostess. From there, you must earn money, and purchase all the stuff you need, from furniture to cooking gear. Like an overworked celebrity chef, you’re in charge of everything, including which recipes to cook, managing the kitchen, planning seating capacity, interior design, and, most importantly, keeping the customers happy. With all the foot traffic, you’ll end up tapping like mad trying to keep up.

Like a Facebook game, you’ll want to entice your real-life friends to join you in the game, so you can compete over who has the best restaurant. Just like running the mob or a farm, you can visit each other’s places of business, post messages to each other, and give gifts. Of course, like FarmVille and Mafia Wars, you can purchase Restaurant Story gems with real money to upgrade your own restaurant.

I like the idea of bringing Facebook-like games to Android. These time-slice games, where you check in on your business whenever you have a few minutes, suit phones well. If running things is your idea of fun, download Restaurant Story.

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