Cool Games That Are Free as of Rigghht NOW!

Mar 2, 2012
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Act immediately and get some of these games, believe me, you won’t regret it.

Mini Golf:Theme Park

With 99 levels that all differ and different characters with their own special powers you can fill oodles of time when you’re bored or just feel like putting.


Tower Bloxx: My City

This game takes a lot of patience and especially a steady hand as you attempt to build the tallest building you can, and then try beating your score again and again until you throw your phone out the window from sheer frustration.


Pizza Shop Mania Free

I was first drawn to get this game since i work in a pizza shop and it proved to be much easier than my actual work but more difficult in the sense of patience.



This awesome game lets you fly your plane and attempt to destroy other people online.


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