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Cool Android games for the penguin lover

Feb 8, 2012

My youngest son loves penguins. He has stuffed penguins, penguin pajamas, penguin blankets and more. So when there is a new Android penguin-related game released, we usually give it a try. If you search “penguin games” in the Market you will get a ton listed but a lot of those are not worth your time. So with Nick’s help, here are the ones we think are worth a look.

This is a relatively new game on the market. It has a simple premise: race your penguin down the hill to victory. To steer your penguin simply tilt your device. As you race, try and catch the fish for extra points and speed, avoid obstacles, and your opponent.

The sound and graphics are pretty good. I found the tilt sensitivity OK, but it could be more responsive. You cannot control your speed so maneuvering to catch fish can be difficult. The free version comes with three levels which I won rather quickly. For $0.99 you can unlock the pro version that has 16 levels and elephant seals too. The races do not take a long time, so this game provides a quick racing fix any time you want one.

Overall, all of these penguin games provide plenty of fun and family-friendly entertainment. Which should you choose? It all depends on what you enjoy: racing, curling, puzzles, physics-based challenges, timed challenges, tons of levels. Bet you did not know penguins could be so busy!

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