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Colosseum Heroes tops Android Games of the Week

Dec 11, 2011

Another hit title from Gamevil, Colosseum Heroes features the same style of monster hack-and-slash as the original. Vector Unit brings back the days of moonshine racing with Shine Runner, reliving the thrills of prohibition. OnLive was also the talk of the town this week, with an Android app that takes the popular cloud game service into the mobile realm. It’s all about anytime access with this week’s top Android games.

Where’s My Water ($0.99)

Another fun title from Disney, Where’s My Water is a creative and challenging puzzle for kids of all ages. This Android game begins with Swampy the Alligator, and he loves to take baths. Keep his nemesis from destroying Swampy’s bath time by setting traps and fixing things. You’ll have to dig trenches, knock out plugs and keep the water flowing. Each puzzle is a thoughtful challenge, with some rich details to keep things interesting. For instance, you’ll have to keep Swampy safe from things like toxic waste that will burn him if its gets into the pipes. You’ll also encounter a few bonuses along the way, like a rubber duckie that dances when he hits the water.

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