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Clouds & Sheep tops Android Games of the Week

Oct 23, 2011

HandyGames’ latest release, Clouds & Sheep, will make you anything but sleepy, while The Game Show Network made its debut on the Android Market with the launch of Lingo. Read about these, and some other fun titles, in this weeks best Android games list.

From the makers of Paper Glider comes another version, this time in 3D. With Crazy Copter you pilot a helicopter in a race to the finish line, avoiding burning barns, cityscapes and dodging enemies, all the while trying not to crash. Watch out for falling rocks, missiles and other obstacles along the way. There’s three main stages, with 20 levels each. Use your earned points in the Hot Shop to upgrade your copter, and collect all the power-ups you can. There’s 12 copters to choose from, all of which can be customized as you play.

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