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CES: Motorola Atrix brings Angry Birds to big screen

Jan 6, 2011

Motorola (MMI) had Angry Birds playing on a big screen at its press conference, but it wasn’t running on the PlayStation 3 — it was on Motorola’s newly unveiled Atrix 4G LTE smartphone.

The conference showed off all kinds of cool stuff the Atrix can do — it’s a monster of a phone with all kinds of power, including a dual-core processor, 1GB RAM and a 1900mAh battery. Atrix runs Google’s (GOOG) Android OS and is available from AT&T (T). Gizmodo had some photos, too.

Another interesting aspect is Motorola’s Atrix Webtop Application. You place the Atrix into a dock and it suddenly becomes, more or less, a laptop. The dock let’s the phone work with a keyboard, mouse and monitor, and is powerful enough to run Mozilla Firefox like a desktop version, with tabs, Flash and everything else. You can also access Android apps in the Webtop mode, pulling them open just like browser pages.

Tablets are coming out of the woodwork at CES this year as well: Motorola has one of its own, called the Xoom, which will be the first tablet to run Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

Xoom is another monster of a machine. It also has a dual-core 2GHz processor, a widescreen 16:10 HD display, an accelerometer, a 5-megapixel camera and a webcam that supports Google Talk. Xoom will launch on AT&T with 3G support, but it can be upgraded to 4G when AT&T gets its network together. Expect the Xoom and the Atrix sometime in Q1 2011, with 4G-enabled units in Q2.

Samsung has Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab coming in Q1

Over at Samsung’s (005930.KS) show, the company finally announced a Wi-Fi only version of its Galaxy Tab that’ll hit shelves in the early part of this year, though it hasn’t given us a price yet. For the most part, all the specs and information about the tab are the same, but it won’t require a two-year contract when you purchase it.

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A little more information was given about a new smartphone, the Infuse 4G, which sports a really big 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus touch display. It’s designed to offer better visibility outdoors, and better contrast wherever you are. That screen makes it one of the biggest available on a  smartphone. The Infuse is going to be available on AT&T.

Outside of tabs and smartphones was the SG100 wireless-enabled camera, which can be connected to Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone. The connection lets you use the phone’s 3G coverage to upload content to the Internet and geotag photos using the phone’s GPS, and the Galaxy S can also control the camera remotely. Its screen will act as a viewfinder and it can handle zooming and work as a shutter button.

Sony plans on 3D everything, announces new Xperia phone

In its hour-long press conference, Sony (SNE) showed off lots of 3D TVs, a few 3D laptops, and some 3D camcorders, but it never got around to announcing that PlayStation phone that keeps getting rumored.

It did pull out the Xperia Arc, a new Android smartphone that’ll run 2.3 when it’s released in the first quarter of 2011. It packs a 4.2-inch “Reality” display that includes the company’s BRAVIA Mobile Engine to make it look pretty awesome. The BRAVIA Engine manages colors and contrast, noise reduction and sharpness, and brings in 854×480 pixels of resolution. The Arc also includes HDMI-out capability, so video and images on the phone can be watched on a TV.

The company talked about connected TV that will include a lot of interesting services like Netflix (NFLX) and Skype, but Sony didn’t mention much in the way of apps — instead, most everything seems to be compatible with Sony’s QRiocity (prononounced “curiosity”) service, which streams video on demand, among other things.

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