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Casual Android games that will make you a gamer

Nov 28, 2012

There are a lot of folks out there who don’t play video games in any form, believe it or not. As the rest of us know, gaming is a wonderful thing and should be experienced by all, but it can feel daunting at first. Most home console games feature complex control schemes, and even mobile games can sometimes seem as if they have too much going on for some people to handle without years of video game brain training.

Angry Birds ($0.99)

This Rovio title and all its iterations are insanely popular for a reason, because the characters and gameplay concept are extremely accessible. At its heart, the mechanics are simple; you slingshot some birds at some pigs and the destructible buildings on or in which they sit. Rovio is constantly shaking up the formula, too, and so new editions of the game don’t get old. This game is also based on trial and error, and while it can take a while to beat a certain level (though I should note each attempt at a level lasts only seconds), it rarely feels frustrating.

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