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Bubble Blast 2 Android game lacks challenge

Dec 6, 2010

Bubble Blast 2 is an app whose name alone makes it sound like it’s a very fun game to play. However, this Android app didn’t quite live up to what I’d imagined.

Bubble Blast 2 is a puzzle game in which you’re supposed to strategically analyze the layout of different colored “bubbles” (they more closely resemble floating orbs that have eyes), and pop them so they create a chain reaction and pop all the other bubbles on the screen.

Different colors indicate how many times a bubble must be tapped before it can be destroyed. When you touch a red guy, it will explode, and fire small balls in all four directions. When touched, either by your finger or one of these balls, blue heads turn into yellow, yellow to green and green to red.

There are two different gameplay modes: Puzzle and Arcade. Puzzle mode has a number of screen touches you’re allowed. There are 200 levels total, and levels become more difficult the longer you play.

Arcade mode doesn’t require as much concentration. You’re given 10 touches, and can earn more by popping bubbles.

The concept sounds fun, and it is – at first. The game eventually becomes more complicated, but it takes a while before you find yourself looking at a setup that will really make you scratch your head. In fact, it takes so long that you might not even stick with it long enough to find out if it ever gets difficult.

Even if you don’t make all of your bubbles disappear, you can just try it again, as many times as you’d like. The game is probably better defined as a game of guess and check, rather than one of strategy.

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I anticipated the graphics to be a bit more visually stunning, and gameplay to be a bit more fast-paced. But the interface and graphics’ plain design proved to be a good thing. The fact that these bubbles don’t have a run-of-the-mill transparent, iridescent look was refreshing. I appreciated that the developers did something creative and different.

The popping sound effects are fun, but because they’re so repetitive, don’t be surprised if you, or the people sitting around you, quickly become annoyed.

But, the app works exactly how it was designed to, and that’s definitely a perk. This game doesn’t seem to have any programming bugs, and it works flawlessly.

Bubble Blast 2 is fun for a little while, and because it’s free, it’s certainly worth checking out, but this app doesn’t have anything that makes it stand out in the Android marketplace.

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