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British Airways offers mobile boarding passes with its Android app

Feb 8, 2011

I’ve never flown on a British Airways flight, and quite honestly, I’ve never been to London, Paris or Rome. Not to say I don’t dream about whisking off every weekend on a British Airlines flight to the most romantic cities in the world with the non-existent Executive Club points I’ve racked up from my dreamed-about world travels. But downloading the free British Airlines app has become my first step in making my travel dreams come true.

With the app, I can look up flights by route, flight or airport to plan my dream vacations. Once tickets are booked, actual British Airways customers can keep track of their Executive Club account status and all upcoming flight information straight from the compact little flying app. And, of course, you can check in using the app to access mobile boarding passes. So chic! Even add a quick widget to your home screen to get flight information at a glance.

Executive Club members of British Airways get the most bang for the buck with this airline app. Yet, membership is free, so anyone can sign up online at

Even if you don’t plan on flying British Airways, the “Flight Info” function allows you to see favorite flights that family or friends might be taking, and track their flight schedule. Overall, it’s an uncomplicated app to ease traveling with this airline.

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