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Blow stuff up with Atomic Bomber game

Sep 30, 2010

Sometimes, simple works best, especially in games. Atomic Bomber takes a page from arcade games of the last century, and keeps you entertained without straining your brain or your fingers.

The setup is straightforward. You’re flying a bomber over enemy territory. Luckily, you’ve got an unlimited amount of bombs. On the ground are moving tanks, stationary bunkers and – drum roll please – nuclear facilities that contain weapons of mass destruction. The trick is to accurately drop bombs on these targets as you fly over.

There are only two controls – you steer the bomber by touching on the screen the direction you want to go, and you release bombs by thumbing the bomb-shaped button. You’re measured on accuracy, and at the end, you’ll see your ranking among everyone else playing out there in the world, so don’t deploy your bombs randomly.

The gameplay gets more exciting when the enemy fights back with surface-to-air guided missiles and MiG fighter jets. But, no worries, when you direct hit on a nuclear plant, a WMD bubble floats upward like an ascending spirit. If you fly over the bubble, you arm your plane with the atomic bomb of the game’s title. The best moments of the game are when you nuke the enemy back to the Stone Age.

The game is free and fun, but if you want to keep your weapons upgrade after a crash, you’ll have drop $1.59 for the full version.

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