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Jul 31, 2011
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I usually just walk outside to check the weather but I’ve found that’s not an accurate way to discover how the weather is going to continue for the remainder of the day. These apps however, are a great source for predicting the weather up to 7 days in ahead


The way this app is set up alone makes it my favorite app to procure the weather from but all of the features such as the 7 day forecast and especially the hour by hour forecast


The Weather Channel

My favorite part about this cool app, apart from the spot one weather forecasts, are the HD videos you can view of what the weather is like so you’ll know exactly what to expect upon arriving somewhere


Animated Weather Widget, Clock

This fantastic widget gives you a live background of whatever the weather is like in your area. The graphics are stupendous and there are tons of customizable features to help you make it your own


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