Best Paid Christmas Games

Dec 23, 2011
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Drop a little cash to get a fun christmas themed game to play around the holidays.

A Christmas Game Santa Action

Santa is unable to distribute gifts after his sleigh crashes. You’ll have to find the gifts first; they’re hidden in each level.


Kids Christmas Games

This app is great for parents since it contains 4 entertaining christmas games geared towards children, as if it wasn’t close enough to christmas to already have them bouncing up the walls.


Swap Match 3 Christmas Game

This simple game forces you to get 3 of a kind while requiring you to remember where certain items are. It’s simple yet terribly addicting at the same time.


The Best Christmas Game Ever

This awesome game lest you race against time to try and get back as many presents as possible from the evil penguins who are bent on not allowing christmas to go down without a hitch.


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