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Best Deals & Coupons Apps

May 12, 2013

I’m a shop savvy. Believe that coupons and deals apps can save a lot of time and money, when it comes to match the right product!

1 Day Sale

This is one of the most useful deals and coupons aggregation apps I’m using. The UI is nice, although can get better.
Finds both deals, coupons and offers from online and local stores, and claims to have personalization feature. (I get only the deal which are relevant to me so I believe it actually works).



The famous groupon site, just for mobile. Although it’s nice, it’s not that effective – lack of many relevant deals beside the general groupon deals of B&B, Styling and restaurants.
None the less, the UI is nice, but big pictures can’t compensate on lack of data and deal’s description.


LivingSocial – Local Deals

Nice app, very useful here in the US, but lack the ability to be a bit more relevant for my needs.


Saviry – Deals,Freebies,Sales

I’m not sure why this app’s rank is so high. It’s absolutely useless, terrible UI and low performances (very very slow). I guess the developers didn’t pay too much attention into detail…


Daily Deals

That’s nice to see an app with relevant categorical data. very helpful when you don’t sure what to buy.


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