Best Brain and Puzzle Games for Android

Aug 3, 2012
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Whether you want to play on your own or with a virtual friend, these are some great brain and thinking games. From puzzles to strategy, these apps will get your juices flowing.

Words With Friends Classic

This is the game that launched a thousand Alec Baldwin Tweets. I honestly have about 4 games going at once and love it! If you like scrabble, this is your game.


Cut the Rope

OK, I think this is designed as a kids game, but I am addicted! Takes a steady eye and great timing to cut the rope and feed the little monster Om Nom. Really a lot of fun.


Jewels Star

Super fun game in the vein of Tetris. You match up the falling jewels to make them disappear and score points. Gets more challenging as you progress, which makes it ultra addictive. There are little arrows that show up after a few seconds to assist you.


100 Floors™ – Can You Escape?

Do you like solving puzzles? This game is for you. You complete each level, or floor, by shaking, swiping, pinching or choose items to help your quest. Very fun and very challenging.


Logo Quiz

Man, there are a lot of corporate logos out there! Do you know your logos? This game is pretty fun and quite a bit more challenging than you might expect. Love that you can play, then share and compare with your friends.


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