Best Apps from Members 5/13/11 | Android Apps

Best Apps from Members 5/13/11

May 13, 2011
Real estate

Top Curated Android App Lists of the Week

Check out Follow Me! (Literally), Safe Sex Android Apps, and Running Trackers.

Meet the Members: Jen Lagasse (@jelagasse)

“I’m originally from a tiny town in Upstate New York, but I moved to New York City five years ago to get my master’s degree in acting. These days, I’m a museum educator by day and a theatre person by night… I own a Droid 2 Global. I became a Droid junkie by association. My partner got the original Droid when it first came out, and I immediately began to lust after it (and steal it away to mess with it on my own whenever I could). I also admit to being a little attached to a physical keyboard, which is what made me choose the Global.”

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