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Best Apps for FInding New Music

Jul 8, 2011

Music makes the world complete and these apps make it easier for me to find new music without even having to ask my friends and family

Pandora® Radio

This app makes it effortless to find new songs that are similar to artists, songs, albums and even genres that I enter for each separate station I make. I can even tell it whether I like the song it picked or not so it knows how to better choose songs to play for me


SoundHound Music Search

Ever since I got this app a few weeks ago, I’ve overheard at a fair amount of good songs that I either didn’t, or couldn’t get the name of but the melody stuck in my head so when I sang it to this app it brought the name, artist and album all up. Unless you’re tone deaf this app will recognize your mystery songs.



You can find any song any song in the world with this app, make playlists and more. This app offers you a choice of either a $9 subscription for unlimited access or a hassle-free trial mode which is a nice change from most free versions where you’re being constantly pestered by tons of adds.


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